Local Counsel

Local Counsel
Local Counsel

Elevate Your Legal Strategy with Local Counsel Services in Memphis, TN

Paul routinely serves as local counsel for attorneys involved in lawsuits in Tennessee, and is willing to help you as much, or as little, as you desire. For matters that don’t need your active involvement, Paul is willing to do the majority of the work for your client and will keep you advised regarding your client’s case. Paul routinely appears before all courts in Shelby County, and has a working knowledge of many of the judges here.

For businesses faced with defending lawsuits in Tennessee, Paul is willing to work with your general counsel to defend your company.

Paul understands the need to control expenses, and will assist your general counsel in providing you with cost effective, results oriented representation.

For individuals and business with judgments against Tennessee businesses and residents, Paul can help your attorney collect your judgment, just as he’s done for 40 years.

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