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Experience Lawyer in Tennessee
Experience Lawyer in Tennessee

A Knowledgeable Lawyer In Tennessee

What are you looking for in a law firm? At Paul Billings Law, I provide my clients with the experience and knowledge of a large law firm, with the personal service and attention of a solo attorney. I get to know each and every one of my clients and tailor my legal approach to suit their unique goals and concerns.

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Paul Billings Law in Memphis, Tennessee Experienced Business Attorney

I represent clients throughout Tennessee in matters related to Trademark, and corporate law. I serve as local counsel for law firms across the U.S.


Has your trademark been assessed at an inflated value, resulting in excessive taxes? Many businesses encounter similar challenges with their intellectual property assessments. I specialize in helping companies navigate trademark valuation disputes with relevant authorities, including trademark offices and assessment boards. If necessary, I can provide legal representation in court to contest your trademark appeals. I possess the expertise to identify key factors for disputing trademark valuations effectively. My fee structure for handling trademark appeals typically operates on a contingency basis, ensuring you only pay if we achieve favorable outcomes for your brand.

Business Law Done Right

At Paul Billings Law, I help businesses of all sizes with critical legal issues such as business formation and structuring contracts with suppliers and vendors, prosecuting and defending lawsuits and claims and trademarks. I understand how legal problems can disrupt business operations, trigger costly delays and expose corporations and its owners to unacceptable risk and liability. My business law practice is focused on helping you avoid unjustified risk, identify and seize upon opportunities and reach efficient and effective resolutions to your legal problems.

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If you are facing a business law problem, I can help guide you through the legal process and seek a favorable resolution. Contact my law office today at (901) 881-9515 to speak with an experienced Tennessee lawyer.

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